Formulated with the health-conscious individual in mind, µSHOT can be loaded with vitamins, nutraceuticals and oil extracts.

Make µSHOT in your own facility using Axiomm’s µGOO.

Rapid Onset
Loaded with Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and/or Oil Extracts
Long shelf life
Enhanced Bioavailability
Formulated using FDA approved food ingredients, without the use of harsh ingredients
Dose On The Go
minutes until initial onset
enhanced bioavailability
months shelf life
Axiomm µGOO (no active ingredient)
Mid-processing with active ingredient added
Post-processing µSHOT
How is it made?
First, we take an oil-based input and fuse it with our enhanced delivery technology. Then we process it using our custom-fabricated equipment to create the rapid onset, enhanced bioavailability and extended shelf life µSHOT.
The secret to making a top-tier product like µSHOT lies in the formulation. Designing a product that was able to withstand a wide range of harsh environments – allowing for a best-in-class consumer (B2B or B2C) experience – required tweaking fractions of a percent of ingredients.
How does it work?
Our delivery technology facilitates the transport of the active ingredient across cell membranes. This allows absorption where normally none occurs; allowing the active ingredient to reach your bloodstream more quickly and in greater amounts (improved bioavailability).
Importantly, we’ve designed our technology with the health and wellness consumer in mind. We don’t use any harsh solvents in our process.