Enhancing your products with consumption nanotechnology

Validated by all three international leaders in consumption nanotechnology equipment, our technologies increase the efficiency and speed at which your body absorbs vitamins, nutraceuticals and oil extracts, all while providing a consistently best-in-class consumer experience.


(“micro shot”) is a nanotechnology solution that can be easily integrated into beverages, tinctures and topicals of any kind, giving your product improved stability, rapid onset and better absorption. Click here to learn more.

(“micro mix”) is a nanopowder that can be used to infuse edibles or ingested directly – perfectly taste-masking your product while delivering the dose of active ingredient. Click here to learn more.


(“micro goo”) is a revolutionary product that allows you to make our µSHOT in your own facility. Do away with your time-consuming, costly R&D and overhead, allowing you to instead focus on other key aspects of your business. Click here to learn more, and integrate our simple, comprehensive solution into your business today.


Plug-and-Play Inputs

µMIX and µSHOT can be used as a turnkey input for beverages and food products. Take a look at some of the product categories that we’ve designed our technology for.

Our products are the functional building blocks for the infused food and beverage product category.

Turnkey Setup

Bringing the Solution to your Doorstep

The number of products that can be made using our technology is mind-boggling. We are laser-focused on our area of expertise – nanotechnology in the nutraceutical and food industries – and provide our customers and partners with a turnkey product platform that brings years worth of R&D to their doorstep.

For more information on our turnkey solution that can have you producing commercial scale volumes of µSHOT immediately, please contact us at sales@axiomm.com.  

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